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IPTV on Enigma 2 ( with EPG , Picons and Categories / Groups )

In this tutorial we will describe how IPTV can be used on Enigma 2 with EPG Picons and Categories

First open Putty and connect to your box

Then depending on your box model run following command

New Dreambox Models ( Dm520,525,900,920 etc ) running OE2.5


dpkg -i enigma2-plugin-extensions-xcplugin-lite_2.0_all.deb

All other Enigma 2.0 boxes

opkg install --force-overwrite

When instalation is done run

killall -9 enigma2

Wait untill box is started

Enter in MENU , and you will find plugin called XC plugin, start it

There are 2 options for adding list there.One is with FTP , and second is with manual adding of URL, user and pass

For manual input , go in Settings of plugin , and under fields URL , user and pass enter your details. Save your data, and you will get IPTV running

For FTP input , open FTP program , go to /etc/enigma2/xc , you will find one file there , open it with notepad , and change Portal URL, User and pass , save file.

Now enter in XC plugin , go to settings, and choose option to load list from profile. Choose fille you edited, and then confirm selection.

That is it, IPTV is ready to work.

NOTE: On some newest images based on VTI, you will need to enter access data manually through remote control.