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IPTV on Enigma 2 ( with EPG , Picons and Categories / Groups )

In this tutorial we will describe how IPTV can be used on Enigma 2 with EPG Picons and Categories

Update 24.12.2020

Xstreamity tutorial

We have made autoinstall script that will help you to install plugin Xtreamity on your Enigma 2 device. This plugin is better then XC Plugin, but as well it is recomended for use only on 4K boxes - Better hardware devices.

We have tested it on OpenATV image.

Here are instalation details

Open Putty and connect to your box.

Login in your box, and run following command

wget && chmod +x && sh

You will be asked to insert your m3u url, paste it in Putty and press enter. Now wait a minute or two while plugin and services are installed. 

When it is done, your device will restart. Now go to Plugins and choose Xstreamity. Open it and go to Playlist and choose your playlist. Then go to settings, and change Playback type for Live TV to 5001 or 5002. And change stream type to ts. Save and you can start using plugin.

XC Plugin tutorial

First open Putty and connect to your box

Then depending on your box model run following command

New Dreambox Models ( Dm520,525,900,920 etc ) running OE2.5


dpkg -i enigma2-plugin-extensions-xcplugin-lite_2.0_all.deb

All other Enigma 2.0 boxes

opkg install --force-overwrite

When instalation is done run

killall -9 enigma2

Wait untill box is started

Enter in MENU , and you will find plugin called XC plugin, start it

There are 2 options for adding list there.One is with FTP , and second is with manual adding of URL, user and pass

For manual input , go in Settings of plugin , and under fields URL , user and pass enter your details. Save your data, and you will get IPTV running

For FTP input , open FTP program , go to /etc/enigma2/xc , you will find one file there , open it with notepad , and change Portal URL, User and pass , save file.

Now enter in XC plugin , go to settings, and choose option to load list from profile. Choose fille you edited, and then confirm selection.

That is it, IPTV is ready to work.

NOTE: On some newest images based on VTI, you will need to enter access data manually through remote control.