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Free VPN setup tutorial ( For affected by IPTV block in UK)

Hello, here we will describe how to use your own free VPN to overcome potential block in UK.

Before all this, please contact us in order to get your config file

Devices supported with this VPN type are

1. Enigma 2 boxes ( requires newer software inside , prefferably OpenATV image )

2. PC ( Windows, Linux etc)

3. Android boxes

4. Routers ( DD WRT, Open WRT etc)

5. Mobile Phones, Tablets etc

Regarding instalation, instalation on PC, Android boxes, Phones, is not complex. Simply download OPEN VPN client to your device, and load Configuration file. Some devices could have own internal VPN client, where you would need to load Config file.

We will describe here setup on Enigma 2, for OpenATV image ( simmilar is for all, but we tested on OPENATV)

1. open putty and run

opkg update && opkg install openvpn && mkdir /etc/openvpn && killall -9 enigma2

Execute command, and when Enigma 2 boots, using FTP client , go to /etc/openvpn

Copy file we sent you, and rename it to Client.conf

After that, go to MENU - SETUP - SYSTEM - NETWORK - OPEN VPN

Enter there and press Green button on remote, and if all is done correct, VPN is active and running.

Please note that VPN system will be active only during potential Block period.

After that is over, do not forget to stop Open VPN client.